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Explaining something simply is a much greater endeavor than you might think. Or maybe you are experienced in the miscommunications that bring us so much strife in our relationships, both personal and professional.

The first part of explaining something simply is understanding it completely. Understanding something completely is much more than a textbook knowledge, or a passed on from a guru knowledge. It is an experiential, self-exploration of and critical examination of an idea or a body of work. There is no confidence in explaining something that you believe because you heard it through the grapevine, or because another wise person says so. We can mimic, and regurgitate ideas, but can we really explain and achieve results when teaching something we don't understand ourselves.

The second part of explaining something simply involves understanding that your audience does not have the same experience you have and letting go of responsibility for that. If you dillute your lesson to account for overcoming someone elses existing knowledge, you'll complicate the idea, and chances are they won't get it anyway. If you stick to your comprehensive understanding and teach unwaveringly, the truth will break down the barriers and the message will get through. Even if long after the intended time frame. Haven't you ever had the Homer Simpson "doh!" moment, where something someone had told you over and over suddenly made complete sense.

Pilates is a shining example of this challenge. I think the first question you should ask a potential Pilates teacher is how often they do Pilates? Its become accepted that many instructors teach so much that they no longer do Pilates. If a teacher has a true understanding of the work, and a personal connection to the power of it, their life becomes Pilates in motion. You do it all the time. As someone new to Pilates, you won't know how simple your instructor is explaining things, but you can know very simply if your teachers life is too busy for Pilates, I'd put money on the fact that he/she doesn't understand Pilates completely. Additionally, in fully comprehending Pilates, you are able to get consistent results with clients regardless of what condition they begin the process is. Results that can be counted on and are fairly universal. The teacher can remark on the specific results at prompting. He/she can create a record of milestones working towards and the achievement of those milestones. And I'm not talking about weight, BMI, and hip measurements. I'm talking about a methodically progression of someone learning how to use their body.

Pilates is the most powerful, life-changing, body-changing, system in the world. I know that is saying a lot and many will argue with me. For those who disagree, I would invite them to come learn about it, and put it through a rigorous self-examination. I am 100% for sure, if you gain an understanding of it, from your own physical experience, you will agree!


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