Back Pain, Leg Pain, Spinal Stenosis.... check!

Anne has a common story that many clients can relate to. Back pain and leg pain. A couple back surgeries, and every modality imaginable to try to function normally. Many without results, others offering some temporary relief, but nothing making the life change that it takes to feel and live normally.

From my view, Anne's body has done a 180 degree turn. Physically you can see the pain is not there like it once was. And she may not say this, because she is so humble, but her shape has become so beautiful, a fringe benefit when all you really want is to be able to walk your dogs.

These are Anne's words:

Within the first 3-4 classes (privates, then classes), I noticed a significant, even organic change. The first is strength, from the inside out, a known sense that my body overall was responding to the coaching/training, and getting stronger. Certainly flexibility; then importantly, mentally, there was great benefit. I am moving, without pain, I am participating in something challenging for me, and I can continue to come back each class. I love it!

Fast forward a year. The strength has increased tenfold, the pain incidence are rare and if there is one, we can quickly undo the pattern that crept into her body. I remember the last event was the effect of moving, a private lesson later - back to her usual self.

Anne is a treasure in so many ways to the earth. She is positive, insightful, a constant learner. We are so lucky to know her, and to have the chance to solve a problem that seemed unsolveable. She will tell you all about how Pilates will help you, but you'll understand even more fully by giving it a chance in your own body!

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