Taking Steps: Using what is to achieve your goals

Goals are useless! But only if we view them at the exclusion of where we are at now.

The mind is one of our biggest obstacles to achieving goals. Which seems strange because that is where we derive our goals from. We decide we want something, should be a certain way, would be happier if... and then we go for it. Then the mind steps in and sends us the exact opposite way of the path that will help us get there. Weird, but true. Think about anything in your life that you've wanted, to go on a diet, to save money, to lose weight, to wake up earlier, to get more organized. Doesn't matter what it is, look at it as an idea separate from yourself. Organization is a clearly possible task, the thousands of devices available to help us, the many examples of others who are more organized. Losing weight is a possible task. Getting up early is a possible task. Now throw your ideas of yourself into the mix and watch that goal become impossible before you even get through this sentence. Nothing about the goal changed, you saw the goal on its own as achieveable, yet suddenly it is not so anymore. What happened? The mind. Through that example, it is clear the greatest efforts should be put into controlling its tendencies that deter our efforts at living a happy, healthy life.

So how do you control those thoughts that seem so real and true and seem totally out of your control. The first step is to take your eyes off the prize and pay attention to where you are at right now. That doesn't mean you let go of the goal, it just means to look at things as they are now. If you want to lose weight, what are you doing about it right now? Or what is something you are doing or not doing that seems to be impossible? Eating out a lot, not exercising? Now look at that as something separate from you. Is it possible to not eat out all the time? Yes it is, we have ample grocery stores, farmers markets etc. We mostly all live in homes with refrigerators and stoves. Is it possible to exercise. Yes, a walk is accessible to anyone. A run. A stairclimb. And most of us can afford a gym membership or exercise classes. So now you see those steps as possibilities, what happens when you put your goal back in the mix. I have 50 pounds to lose, that is impossible. I work too many hours to not eat out. I don't have time for a walk. Assess if these are truths or if your mind is detering you. If they are truths, that is the step you need to take. Forget you need to lose 50 pounds, and realize you need to work a little less. Forget how hopelessly unorganized you are, and realize you need to have less things to manage. You must hear your thoughts, your mind arguing with you in order to get anywhere at all. So listen to what is going on right now in your head, and look at what is going on right now in your life.

If you take the time to see the now, and practice silencing self-doubt by breaking down the goals into ideas that do not include your preconceived notions about yourself. If you can take your eyes off the prize enough to take realistic steps that will create change now that will affect everything else in the future.... your goal will be realized. And the great thing is you'll be way less stressed, anxious, upset, and hard on yourself in the process.

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