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Five Barriers to your Success

We all want good health, we all know it's positive. So what stops us from getting it? There are five main barriers that impede our clear vision and action when it comes to health and many other things in life. Becoming aware of them will empower you to decide whether you should trust and act on them, or free yourself from them and move ahead with confidence. This is a personal exploration, you must see for yourself what is limiting you so you can deal with it and free yourself to make the choices you intuitively know are in your best interest.

The first and maybe most formidable barrier is Doubt. This one can block you from starting a positive activity and can prevent you from reaching goals even if you have already taken the step of beginning. This shows up with statements like "I can't do that, she is stronger than me, I will never be like him, I'm just this way and can't help it, or can't change, I'm not flexible, I'm too uncoordinated, maybe it helped you but probably won't work for me, I doubt it can be that good for you... and so on and so on. These are like brick walls that you have imprisoned yourself within. They are so strong that nobody else can get through them either. When friends tell you how Pilates has changed their life, it falls on deaf ears. Or rather, ears that are so full of the doubtful thoughts that they can't hear over them.

Next difficult one is Anxiety. Worried you will fail, will look dumb, will be worse than all the other students, that your teacher or others will think negatively about you. All these thoughts do is prevent you from getting out of your head and into the actual world of moving to find out that most of these worries are completely false. And any of them that may be true won't affect your journey to good health unless you let your thoughts become a prison again.

Third we have Lethargy. We flat out don't feel like it. Maybe we really are tired, but what a vicious cycle that is, because our lack of energy is part of our poor health, and the very thing that will change that, we can't bring ourself to do. Until you realize it just takes one time. It just takes telling your mind to not be lazy, just this once. Then you get started, and slowly and surely your energy increases and it is easy to go to your weekly pilates practices. In fact you want to go, you feel your body and mind needing it instead of dreading it. The absolute most common statement clients at Be make about their experience is that they never thought they could Love exercise, or would stick with working out.

Fourth and Fifth we have Want and Not-want. These can block our progress in several ways. We want a hot body and maybe know its unrealistic and just decide never mind. We want the system of movement to meet our demands, for pricing, schedule, style etc. and when it isn't immediately fitting those wants, we give up. In the same way we can Not-want our current body condition or health, and often that just sends us into a negative mind state like depression and leads to not doing anything. We could also Not-Want our current body, and Want a Hot body, and go with all the recent fad exercise programs that feel terrible when we do them, but make big promises. And we stick with them as long as the want or not-want is driving us, but as soon as a different want, like I don't want to be sore for days, or I want to not injure myself anymore, or I'm tired of going to do this thing that I don't love. Then we are right back at square one.

Overcoming these barriers often just takes opening our eyes and seeing how they lead us to action that does not help our cause. Additionally we may need to be educated on the fact that there is exercise that is good for you, sustainable, can get you to your goals, all while feeling great and enjoying it. Pilates was developed for this very purpose. A form of movement that achieves optimal health and well being because of its whole-listic nature. Utilizing the mind to get the body in complete control. The really cool thing about it, is that the mental component of the Pilates can free you from your mental barriers all together. Not just the ones that stop you from giving it a try!!

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