Breaking out of the Shell

We invest a lot of time and energy into our shell, so finding a new bigger or even better one isn’t usually a top priority.

But it’s that very investment that is all the more reason to go ahead and leave it behind.

You see unlike our home that we change the paint colors, make upgrades to and update the decor, the shell around our being, our body NEVER gets even that attention from us. Our clothes, our hair, maybe other appearance things but what about the function of body.

When we let our body be and do whatever the conditions around us prescribe, we are essentially fitting ourself into a too small shell. We are cramped up, folded over, and hemmed in. Not only that but it becomes normal, we don’t even remember our body when it was spacious and flexible. We may marvel at kids and lament the days gone by, but little do we know that breaking out of this shell is entirely possible. Not only possible but there is a program that directs you to get from your normal cramped up ways to a free flowing natural way of life again.

If its never ever occurred to you that your body doesn’t ”have” to be this way. Drop the attachment to statements like, I was born this way, my body just does that, I have this hip thing, I have this condition. Break out of that shell. Those statements are only true while you do nothing about them. Imagine if we said my house has the color problem, or this leaking condition in the roof - we never accept in any piece of machinery what we accept in our body!

Spacious, roomy, comfortable shells in a variety of colors and shapes and sizes are here for immediate residency! Schedule online or text me 206-257-2120 to discuss the details.

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