Preening our Feathers

You’ve seen a bird preening, and maybe have even preened a feather you found on the ground.

I was doing just that today, with these feathers ☝️, when I realized just what birds are doing. You see there were a lot of holes and gaps in these feathers that drew my attention and led me to pick them up and smooth them. It’s natural. To care. To notice and give attention to. Birds know when their flight is off, they are tired or struggling, and those unruly feathers need some caring for.

For us humans we have developed a pattern of ignoring the things that are calling for our attention. After ignoring for a length of time we punish ourselves for our misdeeds by attempting to force our adherence to some regimen that might undo the harm. Sometimes we might try to punish others and try to make them do something we perceive will fix things. Rather than caring for the effects living has on our bodies.

When we see this as true, as a pattern we have fallen into before then we have a bit of a conundrum. The world is well setup to nourish that unhealthy pattern and a little less organized at altering the pattern all together and permanently. What can we do that isn’t just a continuation of the pattern? What offers actual change and lasting change? What returns us to our natural state where a ruffled feather is lovingly smoothed until life flows and our body functions wholly again?

Pilates is 100% a loving act to our bodies. And the practice everyday is about smoothing the ruffles out. This shoulder blade doesn’t rest well to the ground, our neck that clenches in every move we make, the gripping toes holding on for dear life. We can caress and soothe these patterns, and we can be challenged in the efforts to support a new and better relationship with our body. Its training new muscles physically and mentally/emotionally. It’s a rewiring of our system. Jospeh called it “Return to life” - we call it Normal to Natural. And we call our approach to his work Old School because even Pilates as an industry has fallen into the pattern of ignoring some things and forcing others into submission.

We can return to natural, to the preening of our feathers, and leave behind the normal pattern of punishing our bodies and minds into a forced version of something that is actual simple and natural for us when we have a little encouragement and positive direction!

If you are ready to preen your feathers, to develop a pattern of care for your body and mind that will in time free you from the pendulum swing of ignoring and punishing. We have traveled that path and cleared the way for you. Come join us, we know right where you should begin and know how to help you get the same result!

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