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Be exists for you and because of you. Our mission is Client Success, and we are strictly committed to achieving that in very tangible ways. We are a locally owned and operated studio, that fosters a tight-knit community within our walls, and throughout Seattle. I often catch clients in random acts that show me Be Pilates isn't just any old customer/owner type of business. From fluffing the pillows in the waiting room, to helping the final stages of remodel, to changing the roll of toilet paper. It is clear to me everyday that we are in this together. If you're new to the studio, one of the first things you may experience is strangers getting excited for the journey you're about to embark on. And they love to tell you how great that journey is!!


Our Teachers

Through an in-depth study of Joseph Pilates work as he taught it, we've revived a method,  diluted by time, back to its original power. We call it GroundPower, Joseph called it Contrology. The name is unimportant, its the consistent results achieved on every client no matter where they are when they walk in. The results have been proven countless times over on more than 250 clients that have joined us in our exploration. Because of that, we are so confident about our method that a major part of our community is training all our staff in providing the same amazing results that Joseph himself achieved. No matter which teacher you work with at Be, the results are already part of the mix.


The Studio

We feel at home here and want you to too! Our new space is a cozy live/work loft where homey really defines the feel. The modern building keeps us warm and dry all winter long, you can even workout in a tank and no socks without a bit of chill! 



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