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​You've heard Pilates is about getting a stronger Core? But why is it for You?

Pilates is the essential foundation to all movement. With a well-trained teacher, you will strengthen your true core, which contrary to popular belief is much more than your abs. Whatever your favorite activity - from reading a book, to gardening, to running, paddle-boarding, skiing, you name it .... Pilates is the missing link to better performance, less pain, increased endurance and all together easier living within your own body!

We know it is difficult to begin something new, so listen to what others who took the leap have said about their experience and results.

What is Pilates Anyway?
  • Pilates is a Method of learning how to use your body that can be applied to any exercise.

  • Joseph Pilates designed equipment and certain movements that are powerful Tools for unlocking our bodies inherent strength. Like a car is a tool for getting around, without knowing how to drive or obey the traffic methods/laws, the car is useless.

  • At Be Pilates, we put you in the drivers seat of your own body, so not only do you use it correctly for an hour or two each week, but you gain an understanding for your body and how to move it with ease.

  • Within 3-6 months of regular lessons, you'll achieve things that used to seem impossible.

  • That means Pilates is for Everybody, who shouldn't know how to consciously and effectively control and operate their own body?  

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