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The Path to Success begins with your expectations.

Until you've established a Pilates practice, the concept of what it is is very vague. Even new practitioners have a hard time describing their experience. The popular information about it focuses on the surface ideals, as in, getting a strong core, or having long and lean muscles. But why not just do crunches and planks then, how is Pilates all that different than any other workout? Hopefully these FAQ's will help you understand the value of giving Pilates a fair try so the experience can speak for itself.

Pilates is expensive. I'm not sure its worth it?


Pilates is a personal journey of transformation that begins with your body. Our guides have intimate and personal knowledge of their own bodies and the process of building a practice from the ground up. Learning Pilates is about understanding your own body by bringing awareness to its dysfunctional patterns and strengthening new patterns to replace the old. Its the only system that was built to address the direct conditions we live under that impair our health and physical fitness versus the hundreds that are introduced for superficial benefits.


We built our program around Joseph Pilates claim that anyone can get the benefits of his method from their home with no expensive equipment or gym memberships. Our classes are some of the most affordable in the city, our system promotes self-reliance from the start, and no other studio in the world offers the opportunity for personal practice. Once you are proficient in the skills taught, our memberships make Pilates more affordable than most other workouts.


In addition, Pilates is innercise. By using your bodies natural centers, and deep front line, you accomplish a great deal more with less, in Joseph Pilates words, its not only 20 or 50 or 80 percent more efficient than any other system but several times. Anyone who sticks with it long enough to experience the knowledge own body holds, will not regret the investment. Although I do know many who regretted not starting earlier.

And even more importantly: we offer assistance to those whose budget will not accommodate the monthly expense, because Pilates is for EVERY body, and if you are committed to your body and a path to health, we are committed to you. Call/text 206-257-2120 or email


Yoga is a Mind Body exercise too, it's cheaper, how is Pilates different? or the same?


Pilates is Yoga. And even more than that, it preps a westerners body and mind for yoga. Pilates has elements that will be very familiar to the popular ideas of exercise. The equipment has spring resistance and is a powerful tool for building strength. Although the purpose of the equipment is twofold. While building strength you are changing the relationship of your body to the ground and gravity which ultimately will change everything about how you move about in the world, ultimately preparing you for a successful yoga practice. Our system is built around both developing your body and your awareness, which without some time to develop, the mind benefits of yoga are hard to come by.

Yoga classes are slightly less than Pilates, but with the quantity of students in a class there is a tremendous loss of value versus in a class of 4-8 people where your instructor can personally adjust each and every student. Additionally our program requires an initial period of more instruction before moving into a personal practice. Once you are a practitioner member, our costs are actually less than most yoga classes.


I'm not flexible, and haven't exercised in a long time. Am I going to be a fish out of water?


Pilates is so different than anything you've ever done, everyone who comes in has to adjust. There are no body types or fitness levels that come in more prepared than others. And sometimes the bodies we look at and assume they will do better or have an easier time, may find it more challenging to free themselves from greatly reinforced movement patterns and tight muscles.

You should begin with a beginners attitude. Expect to learn alot. Expect to pay attention and do many things you've never done and pay attention to things you've never even considered paying attention to. Your teachers have a deep and personal connection to the work, and passion for sharing it with others, their skills and the wisdom in our system are designed just for you, wherever you are at in your health journey.


What is Old School Pilates, and Industrial Posture?

Old School is a systematic approach to Pilates that was born out of a personal exploration and study of Joseph Pilates orignal texts, and practices. Combine that with our years of teaching experience and our commitment to creating a program that produces consistent results for all clients, and you have the Old School Approach to Pilates.

Industrial Posture is the imbalanced postural pattern that we identified over our years of experience with clients as the specific pattern common to all industrialized bodies. Our program specifically deals with these imbalances to untwist, curl, and straighten up your body into a balanced and supported structure.


I have Pilates experience, can I become a practitioner member?


In terms of the Old School Approach and Industrial Posture, all bodies that come to the studio are created equal, and all need to go down the same path to the results Joseph Pilates describes. One on one lessons are not required but highly recommended. Initial membership is a Discovery Membership and includes classes and practice sessions. Once you have demonstrated proficiency in the foundations work, you are eligible for our Old School practitioner membership and phase 3 classes. We are willing to evaluate clients skill and guide them to the best practice for their skill but that will need to be done in a one on one setting, so begin with the New Client Month 1 Foundations Package.


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