Isn't it Time you Got to Know Your Body?

Joseph Pilates designed his exercises and equipment to address what he saw as a population increasingly hunched, fatigued, stiff, and deprived of deep breathing by sitting and standing poorly. He intended for it to become a way of life, and a personal practice for anyone wishing to develop the highest degree of health. We are the ONLY studio in the world with a system designed around the only tool that can guarantee your success - YOU! Self-Reliance is the path and the goal - we have a program to get you there!

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Our unique program is not only one of the best in terms of quality and results, it's also the most affordable. Created for your successful mastery of your body, sustainable budgeting, encouraging community relationships and overall healthy lifestyle role-model.




Plan to invest 3 months, 90 days, 30 workouts to find out how life-changing Pilates Old School Approach really is. After month one, membership continues with monthly unlimited attendance for only $199/mo. click here for more info.

*If this is outside your budget, please contact me to discuss sliding scale options.

Pilates and its results are for EVERYONE, I am committed to making it work for those who are committed.

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All Members Begin with:

First Month Discovery Membership - Only $299 


  • 3 One on One lessons (regularly $300)

  • Unlimited Practice Attendance 

  • Customized Workout Plan

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